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7158 Hubbard Masury Road

Hubbard, OH 44425

(330) 534 - 8668

About Us

EEC was born in 1992 when EGI purchased the assets of the bankrupt Valley-Vulcan Mold plant on the eve of its bankruptcy liquidation.  EECs major product are ingot molds used by specialty steel and alloy producers for teeming ingots, including EEC’s sister division, Ellwood Quality Steels, which sources all of its ingot molds from EEC. In 2009 EEC invested $4 million in a new fume collection bag house for the melt shop, to comply with new federal air quality standards.

Ellwood Engineered Castings located in Hubbard, Ohio, produces gray iron castings up to 160 tons and ductile iron castings up to 60 tons in weight. Our melt shop consists of three, 55 ton coreless induction furnaces, efficiently produces accurate iron chemistries to customer specification. 


Ellwood Engineered Castings