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7158 Hubbard Masury Road

Hubbard, OH 44425

(330) 534 - 8668


Ellwood Engineered Castings is a gray and ductile iron foundry that specializes in producing a wide range of castings, ranging from 1 to 160 tons. Its wide range of capabilities, ability to work within short lead times, and reliable delivery has made it the largest foundry of its type in North America.

EEC is the largest supplier of Ingot molds in North America.  These products include consumable electrode molds, forging molds and slab molds.  We also produce auxiliary products: stools, sprue plates, center runners, hot top castings and slag pots. 

Ingot Molds

  • EEC's mold designs range up to 6M long (20')  
  • Consumable Electrode molds up to 40T and 210" long. 1.4 M/T (1.5T) for Super Alloy Ingots (VAR, ESR, VIM)
  • Forging Ingots Molds up to 143 M/T (160T) 
  • Additional Products include Stools, Sprue Plates, Center Runners, Hot Top Castings & Slag Pots. 

Melting Capabilities 

  • Gray Iron – 2 to 145MT (160T)
  • Ductile Iron – 2 to 72 MT (60T)