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EEC’s engineers use licensed proprietary software to model the solidification.  This permits them to optimize their design of the mold so that the molten iron fills the mold cavity completely and solidifies without porosity. 
Engineering begins with Advanced Product Quality Planning (APQP), an EEC practice used to ensure quality, accuracy and consistency in every facet of our operation. Castings are designed with product performance in mind and modeled to exacting specifications using state of the art CAD (SolidWorks) and Solidification Modeling (MagmaSoft & ProCAST).
MagmaSoft and ProCAST aid in gating/riser design and location as well as predict iron solidification. It is especially important to run on first pieces to ensure the highest probability of success on the first run and qualification for future production.
The newest addition to Engineering is the Metronor, a portable Coordinate-measuring machine (CMM) used for improved accuracy and efficiency in dimensional analysis and inspection.
Our Pattern Shop is equipped with a HAAS CNC Routing Machine to assure production of high quality patterns.