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Ingot Molds

Ingot Mold Brochure

EEC is North America's leading supplier of Ingot Molds. Our products include ingot molds, stools, sprue plates, and slag pots for the steel industry.  EEC supports state-of-the-art facilities including a 140,000 square-foot foundry, a chemical bonded no-bake sand system and full chemical and metallurgical laboratories. Ingot molds and stools are produced in a proprietary gray iron microstructure that outperforms traditional mold iron microstructures. When even more demanding properties are required, ductile iron is used to produce ingot molds.

Center Runners and Center Runner Bases

 Center Runner Base - Ingot Mold


Dimensions: Up to 180" long

Weight: Up to 41,600 lbs

This casting sits atop the sprue plate and can be used to align the molds. The sprue plate connects to the center runner and down sprue into which the steel is poured.




Slab Molds

Slab Mold - Ingot Mold


Dimensions: 7" x 31" and up - up to 180" long

Weight:  6,000 lbs to 75,000 lbs

This tall and narrow ingot mold is mostly used for vacuum induction melting and the ingot formed is used for rolling plate





Slag Pots

Slag Pot Ingot Mold


Dimension: 18 cubic feet to 200 cubic feet

Weight: 2,400 lbs to 41,600 lbs

This casting is used to slag out a furnace. Slag is a solid impurity that rises to the top of molten steel and iron. This slag is poured into the slag pots and sold after it solidifies. 





Electrode Molds

Electrode Mold Ingot Mold


Dimension: 9" x 107" up to 39" x 210"- with lengths up to 210"

Weight: Up to 80,000 lbs

This mold is used for vacuum induction melting. High alloy and super alloy steels that are used for biomedical and landing gear.




Sprue Plates

Sprue Plate Ingot Mold


Weight: 9,000 lbs up to 114,000 lbs

The base of the ingot mold setup connecting the molds and center runner. The sprue plate has troughs that the steel passes leading to the ingot mold cavity. 




Forging Molds

Forging Mold Ingot Mold


Dimension: 10" dia x 50" up to 130" dia by 145"

Weight: up to 240,000 lbs

This corrugated mold helps with cooling by having a larger surface area. The ingots made from this mold are later forged or rolled.






Stool Ingot Mold


Dimension: max size 137" dia x 36"

Weight - 67,000 lbs

This casting used in either the bottom pour or top pour process separates the mold from the sprue plate. The casting will have a hole if it is used in the bottom pour and will be solid if used in the top pour process.




Plug Bottoms

Plug Bottom Ingot Mold


Weight: 14,373 lbs to 53,800 lbs - These can be any shape or size so dimensions may vary.

These molds are used for the bottom pour process only. This eliminates the need for a stool and it reduces set up time.





Big End Up

Big End Up Ingot Mold


Weight: 5,000 lbs ton to 200,000 lbs

This Ingot Mold produces better solidification with higher quality and lower yield. They are usually used for customers seeking forging material.






Big End Down

Big End Down Ingot Mold


Weight: 5,000 lbs to 200,000 lbs

This ingot mold is usually used in top pour processes. The material being poured will usually have lower quality and higher yield. 






Full Set Up - Ingot Molds, Sprue Plate and Center Runner

Full Set Up